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Bespoke Website Projects

We love medium to large scale web projects and relish in the challenge, the more complex the better.

The project cycle starts with understanding your exact requirements and then followed by a rigorous brain storming session. We can then produce a schedule and timetable detailing the stages of development.

Our choice of language is PHP due to its robust, efficient, reliable and secure features. We use the latest PHP framework so that you can be confident that your web project is built on a robust and secure foundation.

We develop the website in stages and at every stage we encourage you to provide us with your feedback, so we can tailor the site to your exact needs. This ensures that the end result meets all your initial requirements and in most cases we will exceed your expectations.

Bespoke Project Cycle

  • Meeting to understand business requirements and goals
  • Detailed Schedule / Timetable
  • Staged Development (Each stage signed off by client)
  • Testing
  • Go Live