Penguin 2.0 – What does it mean for you?

The average webmaster has a bit of a love hate relationship with Matt Cutts and when he made the announcement that the ‘next generation of Penguin’ was on its way, SEOs everywhere were filled equally with excitement and dread over what the changes would mean.

In the early evening of Wednesday 22nd May Penguin 2.0 was finally rolled out. According to the blog released by Cutts on the same day, the all new ‘Penguin webspam algorithm’ will block spam even more effectively, both in the English speaking world and in other countries. Whilst previous versions of Penguin looked only at a site’s homepage, the 2.0 version goes considerably deeper, which will have a huge impact within certain areas.

On his blog Cutts explained that the new Penguin is an entirely updated algorithm, as opposed to the data refresh that previous updates have entailed, which is why the team at Google are referring to it as Penguin 2.0. Cutts went on to say that SEO professionals and website owners could find out more about what the new algorithms will mean for them by watching the recently released video.

The Effects of Penguin 2.0

When Penguin first waddled onto the web scene it struck fear into the heart of many an SEO professional as sites that had been worked on for months or even years suddenly fell off the radar. Now whenever a new algorithm is introduced designers and SEO professionals can only wait and wonder what the effect on their livelihoods will be. The new version of Penguin has already caused a sizeable search engine drop for many websites but according to Cutts, a rankings drop can be quickly remedied.

Don’t go Black Hat

Cutts and team designed the new algorithms with the intention of rewarding high value sites and punishing those who use ‘black hat techniques’, so first and foremost make sure the SEO methods you use are above board. Cutts believes that the new straightforward approach of rewarding natural sites will help SMEs compete more effectively in the market as they won’t need to invest huge amounts in back end SEO.

Ultimately, the goal of Penguin is to reduce link spam whilst supplying webmasters with the tools they need to fix sites that have been affected. In addition, Penguin 2.0 will address the issue of ‘cluster results’ where several results from the same site dominate listings, to provide greater balance for browsers.

Finally, search queries that are often associated with spam like ‘payday loans and those that bombard visitors with adverts or attempt to sneak ads under the radar will also be targeted.

However, as with any algorithm update, Google’s attempts to eliminate spam and give ‘valuable’ sites the most weight isn’t fool proof and there’s always the chance that great sites will end up getting caught in the crossfire.

Make sure your Site Thrives with Penguin2.0

Basically, if you want the new Google algorithms to like your site then stick to the rules you already know.

  • Build a great website with interesting unique content
  • Build natural links to and from reputable sites
  • Think carefully about the speed at which you acquire links, whether it really is or not the way your links build needs to appear organic.
  • Make sure the links you do build are relevant to your site or they won’t add any value.

Steps to Take Today

If you’re worried about the new Penguin updates affecting your site you can employ the services of a professional company to ensure its correctly configured. This will generally involve running a backlink check on your site to ascertain which sites are linked to you and removing any links which could be harmful. Once that’s complete, the company can then design a professional campaign that incorporates the gradual build-up of natural links to your site.

Although black hat operatives who used to be able to take the easy road may lament the new algorithms, the truth is they do appear to set everyone on the net on a more even playing field. Although larger companies can make effective improvements to their sites that cost a fortune, even the most humble business can find themselves at the top of the Google tree if they follow the right formula.

So get in touch with us today if you’d like to get your site up to scratch and get your rankings through the roof!