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  • Top marketing tools for your business

    It is all too easy for a business to put a website up and then have everyone sit back and wait for the orders to roll in – and orders do roll in, as long as the product or service is fit for purpose and something that people out there in the marketplace want. But the problem is that, unlike in a physical shop or office where it is easy to see how many people are browsers and how many are genuine shoppers, visitors to a website are pretty much invisible. With conversion rates of as low as 2%, it is obvious that most potential customers are just wandering away and whether that is over to the competition or simply deciding not to bother, that means 98% are not buying and that is a big number. Think of your income. Multiply it by forty-nine. That could be what you earn; it’s a lot, isn’t it?

    Find the invisible customer

    One of the main tips for marketing your business is to make sure you know who is having a browse on your site. Lead generation tools can put you in the driving seat and make sure you can identify everyone who shows even a passing interest. As a B2B tool, it is invaluable, because you can look to see where the ‘visitor’ went, what they looked at and for how long. This can help you in two ways. Firstly, you will see just how you are impacting your competition and secondly you will be able to follow up leads with other businesses tangential to yours who may be thinking of using your services. Chances are, they will be looking on lots of sites, but if you are the one who gets back to them with a coherent conversation based on what they were looking at, you are almost certain to be the one that gets the business. The early bird catches the worm – lead generation tools can tell you who the worm is!

    Keep watching the skies

    It isn’t enough to have a website designed and put online for all to see if you don’t keep a careful eye on what competitors are doing. Visitors won't keep coming to your site if you don’t keep things up to date and a blog is a good way of making sure you get repeat traffic. With business to business, you need to make sure you follow up every lead as well – just letting people visit your site and then walk away is not helpful and may even be counterproductive because while they may have browsed very thoroughly, it may be that, armed with what they find, they can broker a deal with another provider. Keep an eye on traffic and follow up as soon as possible. Just because your initial contact is online doesn’t mean you have to keep it that way – pick up the phone or even call round; a friendly and professional voice will always be better for business than even the best website.

    Know your market

    By using a lead generation tool, you can keep an eye on who is keeping an eye on you, but the most important thing is to make it easy for them, no matter where they are. Most websites these days are mobile friendly, but if you are not sure about yours, it would be wise to check. With more businesses these days not being desk bound, you may find that you are falling by the wayside because purchasing departments can't access you on their tablets – it’s easy to put right and essential in these mobile days.