Chris has been involved with the Internet since the web became mainstream in the 90's. In 1997 he left employment as a computer programmer to start his own computer business (with business partner Stuart Murton) building and selling PC computer systems and installing networks. The company traded as “Surfnet Computers”. Over time it became clear that the computer industry was becoming saturated and changed direction into web site design.

The company evolved into a Limited company and became “Surfnet Online Limited”. Chris took on the role of Technical Director and built a web design team that quickly became successful. At that time he saw the potential and need for a low-cost, feature-rich e-commerce package. Over the next year he managed the design, development and marketing of the boxed e-commerce packaged which was called “COWS”. The business was growing rapidly and COWS was being distributed throughout the United Kingdom. Chris helped build a prestigious client base with customers such as East Midlands Airport, Procter and Gamble and City Plumbing to name a few.

In 2000 “Surfnet Online Limited” was approached by various companies with the opportunity of becoming a plc. Stuart and Chris decided to sell the business to Synergie.Net plc. In August of 2000 the business won the Derbyshire Chamber of Commerce “Young Business of the Year” award.

Broadwave was created in 2003 and continues to develop successful websites for a wide range of client. Chris has over 20 years of experience managing and implementing web projects for a wide range of businesses and is proficient in a wide range of web languages and skills.